Panel Straightening
Panel Straightening Machine

The panel Straightening Machine consists of a frame work fabricated from
four inch (4") square steel tubing. This table utilizes truss type construction
and is very ridged. It is also furnished with clamps, two (2) hydraulic
cylinders and a hydraulic power package.

In operation, the panel would be placed on the table. The panel could be
measured with a rotating laser to determine the twist in the panel. The
high corners of the panel would be clamped to the table. The hydraulic
cylinders would be positioned under the low corners of the panel and
extended to bend the panel flat. The clamps are released and another
laser measurement is taken. The process is repeated until the panel is flat.

A bow in the panel is corrected by clamping the ends and using the
hydraulic cylinders in the centers. The hydraulic cylinders can be relocated
to any part of the table. A hydraulic power package is supplied with two (2)
manual valves for cylinder operation.

The rotary laser can be purchased through a construction supply company
or through Medkeff-Nye.
Delivery would be four (4) to six (6) weeks.


 Length                11 ft.
     Width                    7 ft. 10
Height                  3 ft.
           Weight                 2,500 lb..
                    Power                  120 v. 1 phase