Concrete Cleaning36x96
Panel Cleaner
36" x 96"

This machine is designed to clean smaller panel than cleaned on
Model 94" x 118" Machine. It is designed to clean the face of the
panel and all four (4) edges.

To ensure consistency of cleaning, the panel is automatically
driven through the machine at a constant speed.

This is not a light duty manual type machine as has been offered in
the past. The Model 36" x 96" Panel Cleaner is a commercial piece of
equipment engineered and built by professionals for professionals.

The machine consists of a ridged truss type frame fabricated from steel
tubing. Heavy walled idler rolls are attached to this frame and can
accommodate a maximum panel size of  3 ft. wide by 8 ft. long.

The edges of the panel are cleaned by wire brushes. These brushes
are adjustable for pressure and different panel widths. The face of the
panel is cleaned by a wide horizontal brush that uses light pressure and
low rpm to minimize panel wear. The height and pressure of the
horizontal brush is adjustable for wear and panel height.

The operator starts the sequence by placing the panel on the idler
conveyor. The panel is driven through the machine by a chain drive.
The panel is driven forward the stopped so that the leading edge of
the panel is cleaned first by the traversing side cleaning brush.

The panel is then driven forward and at this time the face and two (2)
sides of the panel are cleaned. After the length of the panel is cleaned,
the panel is stopped again and the trailing edge of the panel is cleaned.
The traversing end cleaning brush is now in its home position ready
to receive another panel for cleaning.

While the panel is being cleaned, the operator is loading another panel
in place for continuous operation. The machine will clean approximately
forty (40) panels per hour. The machine requires 220 volts
single phase 60 amp service for operation.

The machine is shipped completely assembled and is ready for operation when it arrives. 

The terms are 40% down payment with purchase order, 50% upon
notification of delivery and 10% or balance net thirty (30) days after receipt.

Delivery is ten (10) to twelve (12) weeks from receipt of down payment and PO

Panel Cleaner 36" x 96"

                                                                    Length                                   17 ft.
    Width                                       5 ft. 6 in.
    Height                                     5 ft. 2 in.
      Weight                                    2,500 lb..
               Power                                     220v. 1 phase
Edge Clean Motors              3 hp.
Horizontal Brush Motor       3 hp.
Traverse Motor                     .5 hp.
Conveyor Drive Motor        1 hp.