Concrete Panel Cleaning 94x118
Concrete Panel Cleaner
Model 94 x 118
The Concrete Panel Cleaning Machine is designed to clean
forming panels with a minimum amount of labor. The machine
is designed to clean panels as large as 94" x 118" in less than
three (3) minutes. Width of panels can change, but length must be 118".

The Panel Cleaning Machine consists of heavy duty framework
fabricated from structural steel.

Roller conveyors mounted to this frame allow the panel to be
positioned for cleaning.

A traveling bridge spans over the panel and the width of the
supporting framework.

A horizontal brush equal to the width of the 94" panel, plus 1"
overlap on each side for a total of 96", is mounted to one (1) side
of the bridge. This brush will clean the face of the panel.

A traveling carriage with a vertical brush is mounted to the
opposite side of the bridge. The vertical brush is responsible
for cleaning the sides of the panel.

The brushes are fitted with guards which can be ducted to an
optional dust collector.

The machine is shipped in two (2) sections.

All of the controls and the wiring are mounted to the primary half of
the machine to minimize installation.
Sequence of Operation

The operator sets the machine up by placing the panel on the
conveyor and pushing it up against a fixed stop to establish the
"0" starting point. The operator then sets the limit switches that
control both axis of the side cleaning brush. Each switch is
mounted adjacent to a scale. A look up chart for each panel size
is used to position each switch. The machine is now set for a
particular panel size and automatic operation can now be started.
The operator pushes the cycle start button to initiate the
automatic sequence. The horizontal brush motor is the first motor
to start, then a few seconds later, the vertical spindle motor starts.
The vertical brush then cleans the side of the panel. At the
same time, the horizontal brush cleans the top of the panel.
After the top of the panel is cleaned, the horizontal brush is
turned off, retracts and the vertical brush continues on and
cleans the remaining three (3) sides of the panel.

The panel is then unloaded, a new panel is put into place and
pushed to the fixed stop. The operator then pushes the cycle
start button and the panel is clamped in place an the cleaning
process repeated.

When a different size panel is cleaned, the switches must be
reset according to the set up chart for that particular size panel.
The largest panel can be cleaned in less than three (3) minutes.


One (1) Free Standing Panel Cleaning Machine complete

Includes in above:
                                                                               *Truss type ridged frame
                                                                               *Heavy idler conveyor
                                                                               *Panel clamp assembly
                                                                               *Edge cleaning brush and carriage assembly
                                                                               *Top cleaning brush and carriage assembly
                                                                               *Brush guards with dust collector outlets
                                                                               *Longitudinal drive assemblies for edge brush
                                                                                carriage and bridge assembly
                                                                               *Complete electrical control panel complete with
                                                                                 interconnecting wiring and variable frequency drives
                                                                                *Included two (2) days of instruction and training

                Delivery is ten (10) to twelve (12) weeks from receipt of down
payment and purchase order.

Terms are 40% down payment with purchase order, 50% when
machine is ready for delivery and acceptance of machine at our
plant and 10% or balance is net 30 days.

Length                                       16 ft.
       Width                                          15 ft.       
Height                                          6 ft.
        Weight                                         4000 app.
          Power                                          220v phase
             Air                                                 80 psi. (PanelClamp)
   Edge Clean Motor                    3 hp.
      Top Clean Motor                       7.5 hp.
    Bridge Traverse Motor            3 hp.
    Carriage Traverse Motor         1 hp.