Production Roto-Mold

Complete 1500-95 machine with independent carts with offset arms.

Cart with offset arm at unload station.

Cart leaving cooling chamber.

1500-95 offset arm on independent cart.

Rebuilt 220 straight arm for heavy duty application.

Rebuilt 800 straight arm for heavy duty application.

Gearing and head section of rebuilt 800 straight arm.

New 1500-95 straight arm for Turret type machine.

Gearing and head section of new 1500-95 straight arm.

Turret machine with three 1500-95 straight arms.

Turret machine drive for 1500-95.

Cooling chamber with ribbed aluminum panel and stainless
steel circulating fan. Structure tubing outer frame.

Back of Cooling chamber showing air circulation duct.

Inside Cooling chamber showing copper tube piping with
spray jets.

Curing oven for 1500-95 machine showing 2 inch thick insulated
floor and 4 inch thick insulated walls. Door track above with
heavy duty trolleys.

Air circulating duct inside 1500-95 oven.