About Us
Normand J. Madgar       James Genis
      President                Vice President

  The Medkeff-Nye Company was started in the year 1960. The founders were
Tom Medkeff and Norman Nye. They built the company around the Latex
Rubber Industry, designing and building machines to package both Exam
and Surgeon gloves in both a inner wallet and a outer wallet.
  They also built a line of Latex balloon printing machines in both Flex-o-graphic
and Offset. Special machinery for Latex dipping of gloves, balloons, wiper
blades, breather bags, condoms and small latex tubing.
  On July 1, 1987 Normand J. Madgar and James Genis bought the assets of
of the Medkeff-Nye Company. With our Latex background, we have continued
to run the company under the original name and have improved, redesigned,
up grade the original product lines and add to them.
  The Company can furnish not only stand alone machines, but can furnish complete turnkey systems.
   If you print Latex balloons, Latex sheets, decorative ribbons, count or
package a product and would like to know more about Medkeff-Nye machines
and systems, Please call, fax or E-mail us.